Beat The Ducks – All or Nothing

£0.49 Per Ticket

Winner is: williammcgookin

Ticket number: 371 Answer: Daffy

Congratulations on beating the ducks!


About This Competition

This is your chance to beat the ducks, ok so I probably need to explain it a bit better.

Think, beat the banker but with ducks.  So a ticket number will be selected at random as normal and I will then call the winner.  They will then get to pick one of our rubber ducks, these will have different amounts on the bottom.  You will be able to take the full amount including all the profit so we make absolutely nothing or a booby prize and everything in between.


So for instance

Duck 1 – Rubber Ducky

Duck 2 – £50

Duck 3 – 5kg JPD Koi Food

Duck 4 – £100

Duck 5 – £125

Duck 6 – EA Auto Feeder

Duck 7 – £175

Duck 8 – EA 10000 Vari Pump

Duck 9 – £250

(This is not the final layout but it will look similar)

You can pick any duck and I will show you the other ducks so you can see the other amounts so it’s completely fair.


I know this one is a little different but I’m hoping it’s good fun for us all!