Hibiki Japanese Harmony Suntory Whisky, 70cl

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Winner is: John Garry

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About This Competition

Enjoy a true taste of Japan with some of the best whiskey you will ever try, an absolute luxury that will convert those who tend to shy away from malts.

  • Hibiki is one of Japan’s most awarded, collectable and well-loved whiskies and is regarded as a global legend in whisky having won innumerable awards for its uniquely complex yet delicate flavour Inspired by the concept of Hibiki – meaning Harmony – this dram layers countless delicate tasting notes in a perfect expression of Japan’s culture
  • The Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the culmination of nearly a century of whisky-making from Japan’s first ever whisky producer: Suntory This flagship blend harmonises whiskies of a range of ages and casks, hand-selected by award-winning Master Blender Shinji Fukuyo as being the best examples of Suntory’s incredible whisky-making heritage
  • From its stunning 24-sided bottle inspired by the 24 Sekki Seasons of Japan to its infinitely complex flavour, Hibiki is all about balance and harmony Experience the unique aromas of Japan’s famed Mizunara oak alongside softer, sweeter profiles in a dram that merits exploring