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Winner is: Adam Catteral

Ticket number: 157 Answer: Japan



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Winner! - #14 - Malcolm Mallett 🦆HALLOWEEN RUBBER DUCK🦆
Winner! - #95 - Malcolm Mallett 🦆HALLOWEEN RUBBER DUCK🦆

About This Competition

This sake is named after the Japanese carp (koi). The colourful fish not only is thought to have originated in Niigata prefecture, where Imayo Tsukasa is based, but it’s also a symbol of refined taste and majesty. It can also be considered the opposite of the more common “goldfish”, a fish that was associated with the sake that was normally served in bars centuries ago. The reason for the nickname was that back in the days it was a common practice to dilute sake a lot in order to gain maximum profit out of it, to the point that even a fish could have survived in it. But Imayo Tsukasa never resorted to these unscrupulous methods, and has always proudly served only top quality products at their best!