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The JBL Propond Autofood is a weatherproof solar feeder for all koi and pond fish. The JBL Solar Powered Auto Feeder offers many advantages, your koi are reliably supplied with food when you are away on vacation or on weekend trips.

You determine when and how much the JBL automatic feeder should feed. You can also ignore the set program at any time and start feeding manually. The selectable ejection width ensures that the slightly smaller or weaker pond fish also receive food.

The water temperature sensor included, which can be positioned in any water depth up to 3 m, shows you the water temperature digitally on the display. So you can always choose the right type of food to match the prevailing water temperature.

The JBL ProPond AutoFood is completely weatherproof and rainproof.

Feeds the pond fish up to 24 times a day independently of electricity, the amount of feed can be easily adjusted. The feeding times and quantities can be programmed in 10 levels, the ejection distance can be set from 0.5 to 1 metre.

With the built-in solar panel with Li-ion battery, the koi feeder can be operated independently of electricity. Of course, the feeder can also be connected directly to a power source using the 5 m power cable.

The JBL Propond Autofood Technical specifications:

  • Accurately feeds your pond fish the amount of food you set, up to 24 times a day (e.g. for juvenile fish), reliably and independent of the electricity supply. For all JBL pond foods or others, up to 9 mm diameter.
  • Mount, programme feeding times and quantities (10 steps), fill with food and set throwing range to 0.5 or 1.0 m. Manual feeding possible
  • Energy source selectable: use built-in solar panel with rechargeable battery or connect directly to power source via 5 m mains cable. With recessed grips for convenient handling
  • Can hold up to 25 litres of food. Water temperature (important for the type of food) is indicated on the digital display by the included temperature sensor
  • Package contents: ready-to-operate automatic feeder with solar panel, power supply and water temperature sensor. 2 red LEDs indicate low food in the container.
  • With the guarantee extension JBL GarantiePlus you secure your extra-long extended 4 year guarantee from the date of purchase for your JBL product. Do not miss out on your extended guarantee claim!
  • JBL product are designed for many years’ operation. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to prolong the manufacturer guarantee to an extended 4-year guarantee free of charge. Therefore the registration needs to be carried out within the two-year statutory warranty period.
  • Power: 10 watts – Voltage: 9 volts
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 360 x 410 x 470 mm