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The JBL ProPond AutoFood Outdoor Feeder provides accurate feeding of your pond fish up to 24 times a day. The ProPond Feeder is weatherproof making it perfect for outdoor use and allows the easy setting of feeding times and feed quantities. The adjustable feeding range ensures even slightly smaller or weaker pond fish are fed. The Pond Feeder has a food capacity of up to 25 litres and features an LED indicator for when food is running low.

The ProPond AutoFood Outdoor Feeder functions using one of two optional power sources. Choose from either the built-in solar panel with rechargeable battery or connect directly to the mains via the 5m mains cable which comes supplied.

The JBL ProPond Fish Food concept has been developed to take the season, water temperature, living conditions and fish size into account. That is why the ProPond AutoFood Outdoor Feeder includes a water temperature sensor, which you can position in any water depth up to 3m. The sensor relays the water temperature to the feeder and is displayed on the digital LCD waterproof display. This allows the correct food selection to suit the prevailing water temperature.

An automatic pond feeder offers many advantages: Your Koi and other pond fish are reliably supplied with food when you are away on holiday, at work during the day or on weekend trips. You decide when and how much the JBL automatic feeder has to feed. But you can also ignore the set programme at any time and start feeding manually.

JBL ProPond AutoFood Outdoor Feeder Contents:

  • Ready-to-operate automatic pond feeder with solar panel
  • Optional 5m mains power supply
  • Water temperature sensor