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The Jebao DP-4 three-channel dosing pump is an easy to use instrument for accurately dosing marine water supplements into your aquarium fish tank so that you will not need to mix any solutions by hand. Each of the included pump heads can be programmed to operate up to 24 times a day at the required amount of solution that you set. This automatic distribution will ensure that your fish tank parameters stay stable for simple and healthy fishkeeping.

DP-3 automatic aquarium dosing pumps come complete with controller which allows for dosing in small and large increments. The instrument is calibrated with a 100ml cylinder and the LED display will show your clock and settings information. Even more, these units have a back-up battery which will ensure your setting information is not lost in events when power is lost.


  • 3 dosing channels
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Includes spare dosing pump head
  • Eliminates solution measurement errors
  • 1-24 doses per pump per day
  • 1-9999ml doing volume
  • 0-30 dosing day intervals (0 = no dose, 1 is every day, etc,)