Koi Handling Kit

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About This Competition

The ultimate koi handling kit!

From time to time we need to either inspect or move our koi.  This kit will allow you to do that with ease, included are the following.

80 cm Blue Koi Inspection Bowl

Bowl in for temporarily holding, showing, treating, or transporting of your fish. The fish can be kept in the bowl for several hours without any problems if you place an air pump in the bowl and cover the bowl with a lid. Refresh the water regularly.

Bowls should always be cleaned out thoroughly after use and remember to do this every time, it is no use grabbing a dirty and possibly contaminated bowl when you urgently need one to treat one of your koi.

90cm Koi Pan Net With Wooden Handle

This is a 36″ diameter 1/2″ dia HD Aluminium tube frame. It is on an 8ft long 38mm diameter hardwood handle.

11″ Watertight Sock Net

Koi socks are designed to carry a koi from the pond to an inspection bowl or tank without causing harm or stress to the fish. The watertight sock means the water remains in the sock and is very useful for quickly filling up or emptying an inspection bowl.