£0.99 Per Ticket


  1. markshield1
    Ticket number: 138
    Answer: Newcastle
  2. matthewpaul64
    Ticket number: 162
    Answer: Newcastle
  3. paul.cunningham190
    Ticket number: 226
    Answer: Newcastle
  4. esmeporterdiary24
    Ticket number: 417
    Answer: Newcastle
  5. koivids
    Ticket number: 526
    Answer: Newcastle
  6. cramman
    Ticket number: 666
    Answer: Newcastle
  7. matthewpaul64
    Ticket number: 702
    Answer: Newcastle
  8. matthewpaul64
    Ticket number: 705
    Answer: Newcastle
  9. mitzi.vfr800
    Ticket number: 720
    Answer: Newcastle
  10. pip.duncan
    Ticket number: 743
    Answer: Newcastle



About This Competition

We have teamed up with the NORTH OF ENGLAND KOI SHOW to bring their in-house raffle to a wider audience.  Supporting koi shows is the least I can do, so Koi Competitions will be taking no money of any kind from this competition.

The raffle will be held live at NORTH OF ENGLAND KOI SHOW and I will make sure to live stream it on the page, I won’t be doing the draw personally as this will be done by members of the show but it will be done by random number generator and as I have already mentioned you will be able to watch the draw live!

There will be tickets sold on the day but the total amount, including what is sold through Koi Competitions will not exceed 1000 tickets.  So if all 750 tickets sell on this competition there will only be 250 sold at the show.

You don’t have to attend the show as all prizes will be posted if required.

You can win more than one prize.

Prizes are as follows

Saki Hikari Balance R

2 x 3kg Aqua Source All Season with propolis

1 x Aqua Source Vitalize

1 x Aqua Source 1ltr balance balls

1 x Aqua Source 1kg blanketweed resolve

1 X Aqua Source balance sphere

1 X Aqua Source balance filter gel

FOK clay

BHM 10kgs

Kusuri Fluke M

Kusuri Lithaqua

Kusuri nitrite test kit

Kusuri staple food Kusuri Acriflavine and Malachite Green Premix

2 x £100 shower Voucher JS KOI “£100 off Jskoi shower/media set only”


£100 carp co voucher


Good Luck!