Ooni Karu 12 Multi Fuel Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

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About This Competition

Portable and powerful, the Karu 12 pizza oven from Ooni bakes authentic wood-fired stone-baked pizza outdoors in just 60 seconds. Multi-fuel powered, with either wood or charcoal out of the box, or with gas via the addition of a gas burner, it reaches very high heat. Its lightweight stainless steel body is ceramic fibre-insulated to maximise heat retention.

Key features

  • Easy to clean: the custom-designed fuel tray maximises airflow and delivers a searing flame, so you don’t have to clean up excess ash
  • Perfect for parties, the Karu weighs just 12kg. Folding legs and detachable chimney make it easily transportable
  • Reach double the temperature of domestic ovens in 20 minutes to enjoy a flame-cooked meal
  • Versatile for cooking meat, fish and vegetable dishes
  • Ceramic fibre-insulated for heat retention
  • Fuelled by kindling-sized wood logs, charcoal or the separately available gas burner
  • 13-inch (33cm) cooking surface