Remora i9 Inverter Heat Pump with Wi-Fi

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About This Competition

The Remora i9 Inverter Heat Pump with Wi-Fi is a premium quality heat pump for pools and Koi ponds, intelligent design maximises heat output and minimises energy consumption, while Wi-Fi connectivity allows control from your smart device, wherever you are.

The full step-less Inverter system allows the Remora i9 Inverter Heat Pump to be responsive and efficient, choose Powerful mode to deliver fast heating, Silent mode for the quietest running or leave in Smart mode for cost effective day to day heating or cooling of your pool or pond.

The 9kW and 12kW Inverter heat pumps come fitted with mains cable, RCD and plug as standard, making them suitable for outdoor sockets, the other models in the range will require electrical installation by a qualified electrician.

Three year parts and labour warranty

  • Seven year (total) parts warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi connectivity built-in* – requires iOS / Android ‘Smart Life’ App
  • Three preset modes; Powerful mode maintains high heat output for fastest heating, silent mode keeps heat pump below 55% heat output for quietest running, smart mode allows heat pump to use full range of heat output for maximum flexibility and efficiency
  • 9kW and 12kW models come fitted with 2.8m mains cable and UK RCD plug
  • 1½ inch female threaded or female glue socket water connections
  • Heats and cools
  • Extended season model works down to -15°C, automatic hot gas defrosting
  • Black ABS corrosion resistant cabinet
  • High efficiency performance with advanced stepless DC inverter system that automatically controls the running speed of the compressor and the fan
  • Low noise airstream design for very quiet operation, average sound level 45 dB(A) at 1 metre
  • Stepless twin rotary inverter compressor and DC brushless fan motor
  • EEV throttling technology adjusts the gas flow and increases COP by up to 20%
  • Spiral Titanium heat exchanger is 40% more efficient than standard titanium heat exchanger
  • R32 gas for environmentally friendly operation
  • Winter cover included as standard
  • Three year parts and labour warranty – seven year warranty on heat exchanger and compressor (parts only after third year)

Koi Ponds

Remora® inverter heat pumps are ideally suited for heating Koi ponds:

  • Wide range of set points from 5°C to 40°C
  • 13A RCD plug on 9kW and 12kW models allows you to plug units directly into outside sockets without need for additional electrical connections
  • 10m extension cable on Wi-Fi module for improved connectivity to home Wi-Fi networks
  • Inverter model is suitable for all year round heating / cooling
  • Remote input for external third party thermostatic management, for example On/Off Temperature Controller

What is Cop ?

When deciding which heat pump to buy you will very often hear or see a COP number being quoted, this COP number indicates how efficient a heat pump is.

The COP, which stands for Coefficient of Performance, is the ratio between the power input of a heat pump and the amount of heat that is output (both normally measured in kW’s).

If a heat pump has a COP of 10, this means that for every kW of electricity used to power the heat pump then 10kW of heat will be returned to your pool or pond.

Put simply, the higher the COP of a heat pump, the higher the heat output and the lower the running costs.


If you require a larger size we will give you the full cash value of the unit (£1720) so you can upgrade to the larger size with us.