Saki Hikari Balance Koi Food 2kg

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Ticket number: 22 Answer: Ki Utsuri



About This Competition

Used by many champion koi owners, the Saki Hikari range of fish food provides an exceptional quality daily diet which promotes health, growth and a desirable form. It has been scientifically developed using a unique blend of the finest quality protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and fats to aid a fat-deposit-free growth. Whilst being ideal on paper, this Saki Hikari food also contains a nutrient balance in a readily accepted taste that most Koi love.

This Balance diet has been designed to significantly improve the feeding efficiency, ensuring a waste reduction as well, which translates directly into improved pond bio-action. All this means that all the food you offer is utilised better, so your cost is more efficient, whilst also not causing the same maintenance levels within the pond afterwards, less cleaning and improved water quality, so a win for everyone.

You can expect predictable growth from using Saki Hikari, with a superior form, as well as a more brilliant luster with no negative impact on the Shiroji (the white areas of Koi). The perfect balance of the diet helps to improve energy reserves, meaning better activity levels and development of the Koi themselves.

The Balance diet range includes a strain of Bacillus bacteria called Hikari-Germ which creates beneficial digestive enzymes thereby improving the digestive capacity of Koi. Hikari-Germ also helps support the fish’s own good bacteria, helping prevent a build up of bad bacteria thereby helping build up stronger natural defenses. Furthermore, waste that is excreted is highly decomposed by the activity of the bacteria, which helps maintain the quality of water while also reducing the load on the filter, therefore reducing maintenance long term too. This is most effective when used without interruption, as an exclusive daily diet, as other foods mixed in with disrupt the optimal benefits.