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Winner is: jonakev.kj

Ticket number: 67 Answer: Shiro Utsuri



About This Competition

Used by championship winning Koi owners, the Saki Hikari Growth range of fish food provides a food to boost outstanding growth characteristics, helping to develop jumbo size champions. It has been scientifically developed as a blend of lipid and other nutritional components to meet the omnivorous diet of Nishikigoi. Not only the perfect diet written down, this has been produced with carefully selected protein sources to make it appealing to even the finicky eaters, providing a tasty diet and optimum nutrition.

With this Growth diet you can expect accelerated growth along with championship form, with the uniquely balanced ingredients making this a natural choice for younger koi during their formative period. Manufactured to exacting standards, you can expect benefits that are just not available from standard Koi diets.

The Growth diet range includes a strain of Bacillus bacteria called Hikari-Germ which creates beneficial digestive enzymes thereby improving the digestive capacity of Koi. Hikari-Germ also helps support the fish’s own good bacteria, helping prevent a build up of bad bacteria thereby helping build up stronger natural defenses. Furthermore, waste that is excreted is highly decomposed by the activity of the bacteria, which helps maintain the quality of water while also reducing the load on the filter, therefore reducing maintenance long term too. This is most effective when used without interruption, as an exclusive daily diet, as other foods mixed in with disrupt the optimal benefits.