Seneye Pond Pack WI-FI

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About This Competition

The Seneye all-in-one Pond pack makes setting up these devices even easier. It includes everything you need to to start monitoring your pond through the internet with instant results.

This pack include:

  • USB Sensor
  • Slides
  • Seneye web server WiFi
  • A float for the sensor
  • Seneye Dri

USB Sensor:

Intelligent and intuitive the Seneye Pond kit quickly and easily tests the water in your garden pond. It can simply be dropped or floated (using the Seneye Float included), to give reliable results.

It constantly monitors the pH, ammonia, temperature and even oxygen values thanks to a sensitive and accurate sensor system. The easy to read display tells you everything you need to know at a glance with clear icons for power, temperature and parameters.

The Seneye Pond can be linked via USB to your laptop or computer to give constant results just as you needed. It provides over 5,600 readings per month, which means a clear picture of your pond health. Seneye also offer an SMS and email service that sends information straight to your smart phone or tablet. This is an optional purchase but every Seneye device includes 1 month free Seneye+. See below for further details.

Seneye Web Server:

The Seneye Web Server (SWS) enables any Seneye device to run more efficiently and effectively. It allows people without a PC to use a Seneye USB device and get their results direct to their smart phone, tablet or computer.

There are two SWS versions. Both have an Ethernet port and one also has Wi-Fi module. Once connected to your wireless internet router. monitoring commences immediately, and you can view the results anywhere in the world!


Seneye Dri:

The seneye DRi is a waterproof connection box that allows you to keep your electrical connections safe and tidy; best of all there is no need for rewiring or expensive electricians. DRi is ideal for both ponds and aquariums.

With a lockable clip top lid the DRi is IP55 rated against dust and water and allows you to keep 4 way power extension bars protected even with timers.

Special features such as double soft seals on each wire, a 360 degree soft seal on the inside on inside of the lid and an individual strain relief on cables keeps everything safe and DRi. Made from UV stable polypropolene the DRi won’t fade or crack outdoors.

Please note you have to replace the consumable slide which tests the PH and NH3 which lasts for 1 month and makes nearly 3000 readings each month.