£5.00 Per Ticket


  1. carl_197
    Ticket number: 259
    Answer: December 25th
  2. pafaxen
    Ticket number: 15
    Answer: December 25th
  3. michaelbyrne95
    Ticket number: 343
    Answer: December 25th
  4. michaelbyrne95
    Ticket number: 369
    Answer: December 25th
  5. malc0101
    Ticket number: 168
    Answer: December 25th
  6. leerobheywood
    Ticket number: 145
    Answer: December 25th
  7. michael_308
    Ticket number: 27
    Answer: December 25th

About This Competition


A draw every day of December!  This should add a little fun to the festive period, one ticket will give you entry to 24 draws.  The prizes aren’t massive although they do get bigger as we head towards Christmas.  The last few days the prizes are cash, one it will help as things are always a little tight around Christmas but it also avoids deliveries which can be a nightmare.

So one ticket will enter you into a draw every day from the 1st to the 24th.  Tickets are limited to 4 per person but if it doesn’t sell out by mid-November ( I’m pretty sure it will) I will open that up.  The average number of tickets bought on a large competition is £20 so it keeps it on the average.

I think 4 tickets per person keeps it fair, I’m playing a balancing act between selling enough tickets to cover the costs and also making sure everyone has a good chance.


1st – Koi Competitions Mug

2nd – Koi Competitions Beanie Hat

3rd – 2kg Saki Hikari Balance

4th – 2 x Koi Competitions Mug 2 Winners

5th – 25 Litre K1

6th – 1.5kg FOK

7th – JPD Mud Booster 2kg

8th – PSB Bacto Plus

9th – JPD Shogun 5kg

10th – 1 Litre Tub of Treats

11th – Colombo Medic Box

12th – Cloverleaf Koi Treats

13th- Lernex Pro 1000ml

14th – Colombo Test Lab

15th – Takeaway Upto The Value of £30

16th – £50 Koi Koins

17th – Lego Bonsai Tree

18th – Christmas Rubber Duck

19th – Koi Handling Sock

20th – Bacteria Home Media

21st – 15kg Saki Hikari Wheatgerm Sinking

22nd – £50

23rd – £100

24th – £200