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Everything you need in case something goes wrong, handy to have in the koi shed!

Kusuri Potassium Permanganate 250g is another popular powdered chemical for various applications.A good disinfectant for ponds and nets. Excellent for the eradication of Trichodina & Costia, and other parasites.

Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro 1,000ml size bottle,

Morenicol Lernex has been developed for the treatment of  resistant Gill flukes, Skin Flukes & worms in ornamental fish.
Lernex-Pro is based on the latest scientific knowledge and contains high-quality anti-worm agents, such as Nitroscanate and Flubendazole, to which resistance has not yet been built up. Lernex-Pro is therefore effective in the treatment of resistant skin worms (Gyrodactylus) and gill worms (Dactylogyrus). The presence of these parasites can only be determined under the microscope. Symptoms of infection with these parasites include listlessness, abrasion, and decreased appetite.

Kusuri 1 litre Formalin-Malachite Premix

Kusuri Formalin and Malachite Premix is a ready to use full strength formulation, popular as a pond-wide anti-parasite treatment. It is particularly good for White Spot, Skin Flukes, Chilodonella, Oodinium and most Protozoan Parasites.

Pure Pond Bomb

Pure Pond Bomb is ideal for use in koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self-contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water.

Inside the Pond Bomb there is a unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes which get to work as soon as the ball hits the water to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite to leave your pond crystal clear and healthy.

The Pond Bomb can simply be dropped into the water or can be used when starting up a new filter as the bacteria will help remove the harmful bacteria and nitrite, allowing the filter media to mature. The bomb just needs to be dropped into the biological stage of the filter.